Alexander Michio Iguchi

I started playing golf in The Netherlands and was taught by one of the finest British feel players the game has ever seen, Ray Leach and with his guidance I won my first professional event in 1999 on the PGA Holland Tour.

In 1997 I became a PGA Member and in 2000 I moved to the USA to work at Ko Olina Golf Club and Pebble Beach Resort, where I created my most popular lessons, "The Natural Grip" and "Effortless Power", which are extremely effective with beginners and advanced amateurs, who want to gain more accuracy, consistency and distance and I am proud to say that the average beginner can expect to double their driving distance after the first lesson! That's how powerful these two tips are.

My philosophy is to match the most efficient technique to the physical ability, personality and realistic practice time of my students and to provide a safe and positive learning environment so that we may transition from the old swing to the new swing with confidence.

There is more than one way to swing a club, trust me, I witnessed this every day on the professional tours in US, Europe and Asia, but the one thing all good ball strikers have in common is good timing, great fundamentals and custom fit clubs, that is why all lessons include a physical evaluation, a club fitting session and of course your swing will be analyzed before learning the ideal sequence to move the different body parts in order to hit the ball consistently straight and far.

My elite junior golf program is designed to teach fine motor skills at the youngest age and become competitive as they grow older, but most of all it focuses on having fun coming to the golf course and playing a game for life.

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