Alexander M. Iguchi
PGA Golf Professional
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Alexander Michio Iguchi

I started playing golf in The Netherlands and became a PGA Member in 1997. I have been providing lessons at high-end resorts, private clubs and an Army golf course around the world and enjoy setting up junior golf programs and providing lessons to amateur golfers, although I do help professionals as well.

My philosophy is to ask the right questions and to notice all idiosyncrasies, so that I can get to know my student and make a truly effective plan. I don't believe in bad habits when it comes to golf swings, instead it refers to undisciplined practice routines, which can be fixed.

Regarding the golf swing, I believe that there is more than one way to swing a club, trust me, I witness this every day, but the one thing all good ball strikers have in common is good timing, which means an efficient way to sequence all the different body parts, so that the club returns to impact in a repeatable manner. Having the right equipment, good fundamentals, a conditioned body and mind and an effective practice plan will allow the golfer to maintain control, while swinging at maximum speed.

My elite junior golf program is designed to teach fine motor skills, have fun and play a game for life.

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